Lamton tutoring session this Friday @ 6pm!

Many New Year’s Eve greetings to you all,

Today marks the last day of the 2014 year and the beginning of the 2015 year to come! Many of you are excited for what this new year will bring and so are we! We hope to continue providing you all with the resources, facilities and space to pursue both your academic and personal goals for the upcoming year and/or your life!

This is a reminder that we will be having a Lamton tutoring session this Friday from 6-8pm at the TAFM community center. We hope you all are there to start off the new year with the Lamton family! Who knows? Some of you might have some homework you need to get done before your break ends! This would be a great time for that!


Lamton Dinner Fundraiser will be on Feb. 7th at 6pm at TAFM! Please spread the word! We have bought the tickets and are selling them! Please contact a Lamton board member to purchase tickets. Or, if you would like to sell a ticket bunch, please let me know! As you know, we are fundraising heavily this year to offset the cost of the (out of state) college visits we are planning to have for the spring. We can only do this if we are able to successfully secure the funds necessary! This is an all hands on deck effort so please help out as much as you can and in any way you can! Thank you.


The Lamton Team